CIS Spotlight - Jessica Guerrero

Jessica Guerrero (BBA in IS - Summer 2014 and MS in IS (Security & Assurance) - Fall 2015)

Where do you work? 


I am currently working with Deloitte Services LP, along with several other CIS alumni.  I have been with Deloitte for just about two years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  The culture is very inviting and flexible.  

Prior to Deloitte, I had the opportunity to work with Ingram Barge Company through a CIS internship referral as a Marine Analytics and Data Services Intern.  

What is your job title?

 I am currently the eDiscovery Litigation Analyst at Deloitte.  I was recently promoted from eDiscovery Litigation Coordinator.  In this position I collect evidence for legal and employment matters.  I also assist with investigations through my position on the Federal Incident Response team.  In my prior role as an intern with Ingram Barge, I helped build reports with SQL.  

What was it like to begin work after you graduated?  Were there obstacles you had to overcome?  

My internship was able to prepare me for a more professional position upon graduation by letting me experience making mistakes and learning lessons in a more forgiving environment.  Once I made it into the "real" workforce, I felt more prepared to handle tough situations.  Time management and maintaining deadlines is one of the most important aspects of being successful in the workplace.   

 What about our program helped you once you entered the IT workforce?  

As an undergrad, I was given the opportunity to take the very first offering of the Digital Forensics course.  Through that course, I was able to obtain my AccessData Forensic Tool Kit certification.  This was an excellent addition to my resume and helped me to obtain my current position.  During my internship, my most meaningful skills were those I learned from my SQL course.  

 Do you see any benefits to giving back/staying in touch with MTSU? 

Since I have graduated, I have been able to maintain regular contact with CIS.  I have received recommendations from professors and I have had several opportunities to come back to speak with students about transitioning into the workforce.  My connections I have made at MTSU have impacted both my life both professionally and personally.  The friendships I have made in CIS have helped to shape me into who I am today. 

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