CIS Spotlight - Riki Angelov

Riki Angelov (BBA in IS - Spring 2015 and MS in IS (Security & Assurance) - Spring 2016)

Where do you work?


Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

What is your job title?

Security Threat Engineer (Cyber Security)

What was it like to begin work after you graduated? Were there obstacles you had to overcome?

I was very eager to enter the work force and most specifically to pursue a career in Cyber Security. The transition was smooth, but did not come without its challenges. My biggest obstacle was adapting to the fast moving and constantly evolving Cyber Security world. Thanks to the foundation I had from MTSU I was able to quickly adapt and keep up with the tempo. 

What about our program helped you once you entered the IT workforce?

I firmly believe that the program did a very good job at laying down the foundational knowledge so that once you graduate you can hit the ground running and adapt fast to the tempo of your work environment. Professors were also very approachable and willing to help, so by having one on one conversations with them I was able to learn outside the classroom and develop my interpersonal skills. 

Do you see any benefits to giving back/staying in touch with MTSU?

Yes, I do. The Computer Information Systems program is truly great and filled with very talented faculty. Supporting them and the program is the key to future development of the program and its ability to produce students that are prepared for their careers after graduation. 

Riki Angelov
Threat Engineer, Cyber Security
HCA | Information Security